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Pond Design and Construction

Hundreds of Ponds Created in our 50+ Years

As pond builders in Ontario, with over five decades of experience, we have developed the extensive knowledge we have today. We strongly believe in strategies of natural beautification through proper pond design. Our team has been involved in hundreds of projects big and small. From private ponds to large municipal lake restoration projects.

A Beautiful Pond Starts with a Vision

Excavating a pond even a small one takes planning and consideration for long-term use and maintenance. Communication with our clients is step one to understand how you plan to use your pond. Whether it is for irrigation, recreation or simply to beautify your property understanding how it will be used and maintained over the decades ahead will help to guide our strategy. When it comes to the design process taking the time to understand your vision and communicate our experience helps to ensure a well-informed client.

As we have all seen there are many instances as you travel around where a pond has not been well thought out. Situations where the pond water level is constantly low, algae issues you just cannot seem to get ahead of, or even a pond that does not allow future cleaning due to poor design. Issues like this are all things that can be easily avoided with a proper plan and understanding the long-term maintenance requirements. When digging a pond make sure your excavation provider takes the time to understand your vision as well as communicates how the pond will need to be maintained in the future.

Pond Cleaning 

Do you already have a pond that needs some attention? Whether you want to clean up around the edges, deepen or even enlarge your pond we can help make that happen. We offer our services on a lump sum or hourly basis depending on what fits your budget. 

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