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Driveway and Parking Lot Construction Services

Allto Construction has years of experience in driveway and parking lot construction. Our staff will work with you to understand your needs to design and construct a driveway or parking lot to suit.

How do I get Started

Not sure where to start, give us a call and we can help you through the process of getting the necessary permits for your project to move forward. Having trouble understanding the requirements, or cutting through red tape? We have been working with the local municipalities for decades and can help sort out exactly what you need to get things moving.

Build to Last 

When it comes to design and construction a little extra effort, material or time spent can go a long way towards having a hassle free driveway or parking lot that stands the test of time. Too often you see asphalt failing due to minimal aggregate, lack of compaction or poor drainage. Things like this can be very costly to repair. Even gravel driveways can be costly to install and you don't want your hard earned money being wasted. Making sure you are dealing with a professional company that stands behind their work is step one. When it comes to design make sure your contractor takes the time to understand your needs, and reviews options with you so you can be confident in your decisions.

Not something you want to redo or have to change, make sure to discuss future plans. Building a new driveway and plan to install power gates in the future? Consider taking the time during construction to lay the electrical conduit and underground sensors to save money and hassle later on. Planning to have heavier traffic on your driveway, discuss upgrades that will help maintain a solid base. An experienced excavation contractor knows what needs to be done, make sure they take the time so that you do to.

Everything Under One Roof

In addition to the construction of your driveway or parking lot our sister company Orangeville Sand and Gravel, can supply all the high quality aggregate products that you will need. Offering the design, materials and construction all under one roof means less work for you and allows us to stand behind every aspect of your job. Confident in our experience, the right design, materials and skilled operators, you can be certain Allto Construction can get the job done right. 

Ready to Get to Work

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