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Hoffman Plastics was an excellent example of the value experience brings. On this site we were able to start work in the late winter and remove the topsoil and frost layer prior to the spring melt. By having the frost removed early when the warm weather came, the groud conditions were nearly as good as what you would typically get in June or July. Avoiding the sping melt and wet conditions meant that rock trucks could move material without concern for getting stuck and bogged down in soft ground conditions.

Being able to work efficently through this typically slower time, meant that our client was well positioned for an early start on building construction. Starting construction early meant that the fall and late year rush to close things up that often plagues many projects was not a concern. In this case the experience of many decades allowed us to recoginize the opportunity to work smart and avoid the pitfalls of being delayed and running into the wet fall or potentially cold winter months for construction.

As a company our goal is always to put our experience to work for our clients. What can we do to help our clients save time, money, and avoid the headaches that often come with building? How we bring value and help our clients achieve their goals is always a priority for us.

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